This amazing rap video got sent into us by Dublin born rap duo J E Syllable, a brother and sister made famous in 2014 for their freestyle raps about the water charges in Ireland. They have now turned their attentions to rapping about Dublin's prodigal son Conor McGregor.

The rap entitled ‘Notorious Mac' which was uploaded to YouTube in March of this year, has a hair raising video of McGregor's highlights to go along with the song. We spoke to the rap duo about what inspired them to write a rap about Conor McGregor.

” We are huge fans of Conor and are aware he is a big hip-hop fan so that played a big part in us writing the song. We wanted to test ourselves writing about something very different and mainly just wanted to do what we do best and make a sick track for someone this whole country looks up to.” – Jo Jailz & EA Holla.

With the ‘Notorious' scheduled to face off with Nate Diaz again in August at UFC 202, this rap will certainly get the McGregor fans pumped up with anticipation to see their man do what he does best. Diaz defeated McGregor when the pair first met in March but since then the Dublin native has reverted back to basics, training day in day out to avenge his first loss in the UFC.


The video opens to McGregor knocking out long time Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds, which sets the tone for the video. Clips of the ‘Notorious' in action are perfectly synced with the music, creating an exciting visual background to the track.

McGregor who is noted for walking out to a mix of Sinead O' Connor's ‘Foggy Due' and Notorious BIG's ‘Notorious', didn't have much luck when he changed his walkout music for his last bout but perhaps a rap song by a Dublin born group might be the inspiration the enigmatic Featherweight Champion needs.



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