UFC 207 Highlights

TJ Dillashaw looked to get the next crack at UFC gold and the UFC did him no favors with matching him against hard hitting; John Lineker. Throughout the bout, Dillashaw was able to control Lineker on the ground and outpace him on the feet. Dillawashaw was able to land 5 takedowns over 3 rounds and landed 177 strikes compared to Lineker’s 51. With the Unanimous Decision victory, Dillashaw should be the next option to fight for the title in a battle of former teammates. 

Dillashaw, Garbrandt & Faber


In the Co-Main event, Dominic Cruz looked to defend his title against Team Alpha Male’s Cody Garbrandt. Many fans wondered if Cody Garbrandt was going to be able to land with his power against Cruz. Throughout the fight, Cody got the better of Cruz on the fight and even stuffed all of “The Dominator's” takedown attempts. Garbrandt even knocked the champion down a couple times throughout the 5 rounds. Cody Garbrandt eventually won by Unanimous Decision. Both competitors were gracious in victory and defeat. Garbrandt even stated he is willing to give Cruz an immediate rematch.


Nunes Punishes The Former Champ

In the Main-Event, Ronda Rousey looked to get back what was once hers. Amanda Nunes was the one standing in her way, and odds favored the former champion in the match up. It would only take 48 seconds for Nunes to ruin Ronda Rousey’s return. I’m unsure what is next for Ronda Rousey at this point. I believe she will probably get the first shot at the new Featherweight champion.


50 G’s Baby

The two performance of the Night winners were Amanda Nunes and Alex Garcia. Amanda Nunes proved once again that she deserves to be called one of the best. Alex Garcia was able to hurt Mike Pyle early in the first round and finished with a TKO. With a win here against the veteran, Garcia is knocking at the door of the Top 20 for the welterweight division.


Cody Garbrandt strikes a bloodied Dominick Cruz during their bantamweight championship fight at UFC 207. (John Locher / Assocaited Press)
Cody & Dominick Battle In The FOTN

Fight of the Night went to the electrifying Co-Main Event. Both of these Bantamweights proved that they deserved to be fighting for the title. The way Garbrandt was able to beat Dominic Cruz at his own game surprised many fans. Garbrandt proved he could go all 5 rounds and stay dominant. When this fight ended, it was no surprise it would earn Fight of the Night.

Looking for a Fight Returns

The hit show aired on YouTube and UFC Fight pass has recently returned for its second season. In the show Dana White, Matt Sera, and Din Thomas travel around the country to scout up and coming MMA talent. Each town they visit they try out local activities and food. The first episode of Season 2 is featured in Maine.


Khabib Wants the Fight

The fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov has been iffy for some time now. Plans for them to fight and fallen through on multiple occasions. As of late, Tony Ferguson has stated that he is only willing to fight if he gets paid the same as Khabib. Seems fair, Right? Well because of different contracts, it just couldn’t happen. Well Khabib has come to the rescue and is now even offering Tony Ferguson 200k to fight him. Ferguson's response to that was “If Khabib is willing to pay me but UFC won’t, something’s wrong with that sh*t”.


Idiot Of The Week: For The Second Time- Edmond Tarverdyan

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