Despite his main focus undoubtedly being UFC 209 this weekend. Mark Hunt faces a battle in both the Octagon and the courtroom over the coming weeks. The New Zealander has recently filed a lawsuit against the UFC, President Dana White and even Brock Lesnar. Racketeering, fraud, negligence and breach of contract are the main complaints within his case, with allegations involving Lesnar surrounding his failed drugs tests at UFC 200.

Earlier this week, legal representatives for both the UFC and White filed a motion to dismiss Hunt’s lawsuit, with the court now set to make a decision on what will be thrown out and what will remain. Lesnar tested positive for the banned substance clomiphene prior to his fight with Hunt back in July, however the results did not come back until after the contest. Such negative press only added to the issues for White, with the Fertita brothers selling the UFC in order to bet big on the Las Vegas Raiders shortly after this point.

Colby Williams, a member of the UFC’s law firm has hit back at Hunt’s claims, believing that the Kiwi fighter is trying to bring negative attention to the organisation, as well as issuing personal attacks on both White and Lesnar with “baseless allegations of quasi-criminal conduct in the hopes of reaping a windfall in the form of treble damages.”

Hunt was due to be paid the same amount whether he won or lost at UFC 200, which is a key part of the defence. The 42-year-old eventually lost by unanimous decision to Lesnar, although the result was later overturned to a no-contest due to Lesnar’s positive drug tests. The former WWE man was also suspended for one year and fined $250,000.

“Hunt’s pleading deficiencies likely stem from the fact that Zuffa paid Hunt what was owed to him under the parties’ contracts, a fact which Hunt admits,” Williams wrote. “As for his contractual and quasi-contract claims, Hunt never identifies a single provision of the parties’ contracts that was purportedly breached.”

Hunt and White are likely to cross paths in Las Vegas this weekend, with the Kiwi set to take on Alistair Overseem at UFC 209 on Saturday. The veteran fighter is seemingly far from happy with such a contest however, stating that the UFC “forced” him to take on the fight and threatened him with breach of contract if he did not do so.
Elsewhere, Tyron Woodley takes on Stephen Thompson for the Welterweight title in the main event of the evening, with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s bout with Tony Ferguson also attracting large amounts of attention. The undefeated Nurmagomedov has been backed as one of the stars of the future, with some even backing the Russian to take on the mantle left by Conor McGregor.



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