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In a world that seems to be going insane, former boxing world champ George Foreman has challenged martial arts guru Steven Seagal to a fight via twitter. Foreman wants 10 rounds in Vegas and basically is calling for an MMA bout against Seagal.

It is unknown why the Sixty Eight year old multiple time grandfather, who retired twenty years ago from boxing would challenge Seagal who is an actor and has no documented fights on record. By the way, Seagal is also no spring chicken as he became a senior citizen earlier this year, turning sixty five back in April.

Let's go to the tale of the tape. One interesting fact is that both men are about the same height. It seems that Seagal is 6'4 and Foreman is 6'3 1/2. Seagal's net worth according to is 16 Million while Foreman's is worth 250 Million also according to Foreman has 81 pro fights, while Seagal has been in 56 movies (Mostly About Fighting).

Let's see if anything comes of this “fight”. Seagal has yet to respond to Foreman's challenge made on twitter. In fact he hasn't tweeted since April. He must have given up Twitter since becoming a senior.





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