UFC 205 Fight Of The Night

2 weeks ago the UFC hosted it's biggest event ever, it's debut at Madison Square Garden. UFC 205 was massive, filled with action and capped off by 3 title fights. The Fight Of The Night was The welterweight World Championship fight between Tyron Woodley, the reigning champion and #1 contender Stephen Thompson. The fight was full of excitement, jaw dropping moments and was capped off with a controversial majority decision draw. An immediate rematch between the 2 was announced shortly after the fight card ended. The world is now waiting for “The Chosen One” VS “Wonder Boy” Part 2.

Today I was able to speak to Ray Thompson and Stephen Thompson about the fight, the decision and the upcoming rematch. As did a lot of people watching the fight, both Ray and Stephen felt that they should have been victorious that night.

“I thought Wonderboy won rounds 2,3 and 5. I do not see round 1 being a 10-8 rnd AT ALL. Round 4 could have been a 10-8 IF he hadn't ended it in top position showering down strikes on Tyron” – Ray said.

2 judges called the fight a draw and one gave Woodley the fight by a point. So did they make the right decision?

“Absolutely not, BUT we can live with it!! Obviously we didn't do enough to convince the judges we deserved the title. Also Tyron did do more damage so all that being said, he's still the champ……….FOR NOW!!” – said Ray

“I feel I could have done a better job but also thought I won rounds 2,3 & 5” – said Stephen



At one point Tyron secured a guillotine that looked to be fight ending. After a struggle that seemed to be an eternity Wonderboy popped his head out and took back control.

So how tight was the guillotine?

“I felt it was pretty tight and restricted my breathing a bit but not to the point that I felt threatened.” said Stephen.

Did you think about tapping?

Stephen – “Not even a little bit. It wasn't tight enough for that and I'd rather go out than for my kids (students) to see me give up. It's not to say I wouldn't tap if the right submission was applied, like a joint attack like a knee bar or heel hook.”

With an immediate promised rematch, Stephen was back in the gym 2 days later starting to prepare for his return.
What changes must be made before the rematch?

Ray – “Definitley won't discuss that here!!”

Wrestling is a huge part of Tyron's fight game. Stephen coming from a traditional Karate background is known as a stand up guy. One of his main training partners is Karl Reed. How much did Karl help in preparing for Tyron?

Stephen – “Karl “No Worries” Reed has been a BIG help preparing for Tyron. He's big, powerful and has very good wrestling. I also have the benefit of my main wrestling coach, Thomas Lee, who has taught me wrestling from the beginning of my MMA career and even to this day. Occasionally Matt Miller, former Canadian Olympic wrestler will come in and spend time here training and helping me with my wrestling. Matt's a beast and a good MMA fighter.”



How do you see the rematch going?

Ray – “We'll we never predict an outcome (how Wonderboy is going to win the fight) but you can bet there will be fireworks!! You WILL see an improved Wonderboy!!!”

The world is ready for the rematch between Stephen and Tyron. Hopefully it will take place some time early in 2017. If the first fight was any indication, the rematch will be another classic.





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