The wrestling background really gives you an advantage over most other fight bases in the weight cutting department. Do you have any shout outs?

“The biggest shout out I would like to give is to my wife, Quiana Anderson Reed. She has been with me from the beginning. When I was in South Georgia with no coaching and I took my first ammy fight with barely any training,  Until now, with me training with Stephen Thompson. She has always been in my corner and supports me chasing this dream knowing that it’s a once and a life time opportunity. She is my rock and keeps me going everyday through 2-3 workouts.”

 She sounds like a great woman. For anyone perusing their goals that is married,  a supportive spouse is so important. Back when you decided to fight what did your family and friends think? Did they think you were crazy getting involved with the fight game as a career?

“My family and friends are very supportive of my goals, but yes (Laughs) they think I am very crazy. I am the only one in my family to wrestle and then fight. A lot of my friends cant’t believe I got into fighting, a lot of them say they couldn’t see me doing it because of how laid back I was in college and in high school.”

Before we finished up,  Karl had a few more things to say:

“I would like to thank Infinite Health Chiropractic for always taking care of my body during training camps. Content Mobile Restoration is a huge supporter of mine out of Rock Hill, SC. They do so many good things for the community. They are a company that comes in and restores houses and businesses when they have fire, water, or smoke damage. Also I would like to thank Matt Pirkle at Broadway Technologies and Safeceiver. Pirkle has been in my corner since day 1. He was the guy that suggested I get into fighting right out of college and the one that introduced me to Ray Thompson when I moved to SC. I owe a lot to him and will pay it forward when I make it to the show.”

Be on the look out for Karl “No Worries” Reed. He is on a mission and has the tools to become a household name in the immediate future. For more info on this up and coming MMA star,  check him out at on Twitter @NoWorriesReed and on Instagram @noworries_reed. Below you can check out one of Karl's impressive amateur victories.



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