Although most casual fight fans watch some of the major UFC pay per view and FOX shows and the occasional Bellator event on SPIKE, there is a whole other world of fighters out there. These are young scrappers fighting their way towards the big time, they are ‘Chasing The Dream’.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fighting out of the blue corner, weighing in at one hundred and five pounds and fighting out of Yadkinville, North Carolina she is……… Laken “Tiny Tower” Jowers.

Laken is a tough WMMA prospect out of North Carolina set to make her pro debut later this month. The talented fighter is a grappling specialist with years of wrestling experience.

So Laken, how did you get into the fight game?

“I wrestled fours in high school and I was wrestling at the University of the Cumberlands in KY. College was just not for me, so I moved and started training MMA. I trained for a year before I had my first amateur fight.”

That is understandable, college is not for everyone. Moving forward what are your goals for your fight career?

“I have a lot of goals, once I reach one, I make a new one… The next one on the list is have my first pro fight, which is happening on October 15th for King of the Cage, I am scheduled to fight Jennifer Chareunvong .”

Growing up, which MMA fighters inspired you and who did you look up to as a kid?

“I watched a lot of MMA with my dad when I was younger, so I have a lot of fighters I look up to. As far as WMMA goes, Miesha Tate, Cyborg, Sara McMann, Carla Esparza (I got to meet her, she is so nice) and the very first lady that I met that was in the sport, was an ammy at the time, but has since turned pro with Invicta: Ashley “Doll Face” Rushing. I have been to train with her and her team at their gym and she is awesome! Also I can't forget to add Tonya Evinger to the list of ladies.”

Laken regularly trains at Combat Athletics in Mocksville North Carolina. You can check them out at CombatAthletics.

As a young female did people think you were crazy to want to be a fighter?

“My dad was all for it and he has been a huge reason I have been able to train full time.”

Your dad sounds like a great man. So when you cut weight, What's your favourite meal after the weigh-ins? Do you have any post weigh-in rituals?

“Pasta of some sort (laughs). This will be the first time I have been on a fight card without at least one of my teammates on the card, so it is going to be a little different because most of the time after weigh-ins we all go out to eat and just hang out. This fight is going to be a huge change.”

Any shout outs before you go?

“My dad, my coach Josh Stanley, everyone at my gym and my main training partner Shelton Sales. Remember his name, he will be turning pro soon and he is going to be a star! My very first sponsor was MAL: Martial Arts Life, I love their gear! Jessica Marrie Photography; she does all of our photos at the gym, Gallon Gear and Frank Myers Auto Maxx!”

For more info about Laken “Tiny Tower” Jowers check out her athlete page on Facebook @

Look for my follow up as we are planning a live interview with Laken a few days after her debut fight. Below you can see her amateur debut.



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