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UFC 202

UFC 202 is this weekend in Vegas, hosting a lot of big fights and one Grudge Match. I’m talking about Conor McGregor VS Nate Diaz. In the first fight we witnessed the hype train being derailed by a display of high level BJJ, with a rear choke sunk in by Nate for the win.

Many people in the MMA world think it was due to last minute scheduling, last minute replacement and Conor was not ready. Hmmm? Will he be ready for this Saturday night? He sure seems like he is with the way he still TALKS smack. I don't know if that's just him hyping a fight or does he really believe he can win?


Wednesday there was a pre-fight press conference and the top guys all were there EXCEPT the golden boy, Conor McGregor. Conor shows up 30 minutes late and that did not sit well with Nate Diaz. Nate listened for a few minutes of smack talk by Conor, he had heard enough and just walked off the stage. As the crowd started getting loud Conor started saying “get the fuck out of here” like he was in charge. Nate didn't like that very much and they both were yelling back and forth. Soon things were being thrown. Water bottles energy drinks and many things.

It is great when fighters sell a fight and talk smack, but when it could possibly put fans in danger that's a point they shouldn't cross. It really made both guys look like amateurs and gave MMA a black eye. My 2 cents is both guys should give a public apology for letting their emotions take over. With that being said, it's the hot topic that everyone in the MMA world is talking about and now people really want to see the rematch.


Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz (w)
Anthony Johnson (w) vs. Glover Teixeira
Donald Cerrone (w) vs. Rick Story


Wow that's a crazy story in itself. With all the fighters on the UFC list how can they really “control” what fighters do and not do?
I believe USADA should test fighters post fight. Test them right after they fight. If they are dirty then make that fight a no contest and there purse 100% should go to the opponent. That may make some guys not want to cheat. What you do up to the fight is just that, the night of the fight you are either clean or dirty. It’s BLACK OR WHITE! There is NO GREY AREA. That would be a way better way to handle all this TESTING.


It's about time! It just sucks it's only for UFC and not all MMA across the board. I really hope it works. Fighters need to be protected, they are sub-contractor with zero benefits. Yet the UFC wants to treat them like employees, you can't have it both ways. I'm all for a union !

Beside being an MMA fighter I’m also a Bare Knuckle Boxer. The Police Gazette has me ranked # 2 in the world and # 1 in the USA. My professional record is 25 wins and 2 loss ( 25 wins via KO) .I am scheduled to face The World Champion BOBBY GUNN 72-0 on September 9th in Hollywood Florida at the HARDROCK CASINO.


In the BJJ / NOGI world a new event has taken the USA by Storm! Fight To Win Pro is making waves and all the top level BJJ and NOGI guys are coming on board. It is available at Flo Grappling on live stream for the world to see. Their next event which is their 12th is on September 17th in Scottsdale Arizona at West World.

Former UFC Champ Benson Henderson will be facing top BJJ Black Belt Jay Pages. Mackenzie Dern who is one of the top female Black Belts in the world will be stepping on the mat and yours truly a PRIDE MAIN EVENT VETERAN and 3rd degree black belt will be facing UFC veteran and top BJJ Black Belt Steve Judson in one of the Super-Fights.

Arizona is now a Mecca for BJJ. Some of the best grapplers in the world are here. Before you would have to go to Brazil or California, but now right here in Arizona we have top Black Belts and many top BJJ schools.


Next up after that while staying true to the moniker most active MMA fighter in the world, I will be heading to Russia to face ATT Top guy ‘The Snowman' Jeff Monson, In a NOGI main event in front of 1000's of fans live on PPV.

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