5 Fights: Up Next For Conor McGregor?


Now that the dust has settled and “The Money Fight” is over, lets take a look at five potential fights that The UFC could schedule in the near future for Conor McGregor. The first four are more popular choices, but number five may surprise some of you.  


1. Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

Ever since Conor stormed into The UFC's 155 pound division and stuck Eddie Alvarez up for the title, this fight is the one the fans have been asking for. Khabib is one of the greatest lightweights to ever compete in the octagon and in undefeated. The whole Russia vs Ireland thing works as well.

This fight would perhaps pit Khabib, the best pure grappler in the division against Conor, the best pure striker in the division. If they play their cards right, this can and will be the biggest main event in UFC history. Also, Khabib called out “The Notorious” on the heels of his loss to Floyd Mayweather. Check out the call out below.